Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Tea Room

"Eggs Benedict" and "Baked Potato"

The right hand side.

The door on the left "leads" to the kitchen and the door on the right, to the WC

This is the left hand side. The tall cabinets are back-lit.

This was a good sized space to work with and offered a few possibilities with the placing of the furniture. It did mean, however, that I had to make the tables as I needed a couple measuring 2" square.

Office/Store Room

This is a close up to show the items on the desk.

Here's the fully functioning room with store cupboard, office supplies and first aid kit. There's still scope in this room to add more items and that will come in time.

I'll post pictures showing the details of the items on the desk as it's a bit difficult to see what's there from this angle.

This is the "engine room" where supplies are stored and orders are made. Of course, we need somewhere to put the central heating boiler as well!

I made the little desk from balsa wood, then waxed it. It was my first attempt at making furniture that wasn't in kit form.

The Kitchen

The finished and fully functioning room. In keeping with Health & Safety Regulations, there are smoke alarms and fire extinquishers! There will still be items added here but for the moment, I'm very happy with it.

Another view of the kitchen showing the right hand side. I love the dishwasher - press the button and it "fills with water"! This was purchased, along with the fridge, from Miniatura.

I've gone for a traditional country style kitchen in The Tea Rooms. The units came in kit form which enabled me to have exactly what I wanted, where I wanted it.

The flooring is iron-on and waxed. I've discovered I like waxing floors, it's much quicker than varnish and gives a lovely soft finish. All the woodwork in The Tearooms is waxed.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Time for Tea?

Have you ever wanted to visit a traditional tea room where the tables are laid with white cloths, the coffee and tea are poured from silver pots into white china and the cakes and savories are a feast for the eyes? Afterwards, you can step upstairs to the Gift Gallery and browse through the wonderful selection on display there. Well, at Apples Tea Rooms you can.

Inspired by trips to Yorkshire, hopefully Apples Tea Rooms will take you back to a more refined and traditional era.

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