Saturday, 12 February 2011

I'm stuck.........!

Sometimes I just sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits...........

I feel I must apologise to all my followers here as there hasn't been much activity with The Tearooms of late.   The trouble is..........I'm stuck!   I should be decorating the living quarters in the roof space and I bought a lovely carpet at the York Fair in November.   I've also got a sofa and a chair for the room but I'm really struggling with where to take it all next.   Do I paint the walls or paper, if so, what colour?   Do I match the carpet or do I match the furniture?   

To match the carpet is a tricky one as I need to get to a fair to see paper and fabric in real life.   Too many times I've chosen something on-line, only to find that it's the wrong shade.

The more I look at the room and what I've got so far, the more confused I get.   I've tried walking away from it and concentrating on something else (hence the long gap between posts) but that hasn't worked and I'm no further forward.

Inspiration will present itself in time - it usually does and I'll have a bit of a eureka moment - but I felt I had to post something to explain the lack of progress!

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