Saturday, 12 February 2011

I'm stuck.........!

Sometimes I just sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits...........

I feel I must apologise to all my followers here as there hasn't been much activity with The Tearooms of late.   The trouble is..........I'm stuck!   I should be decorating the living quarters in the roof space and I bought a lovely carpet at the York Fair in November.   I've also got a sofa and a chair for the room but I'm really struggling with where to take it all next.   Do I paint the walls or paper, if so, what colour?   Do I match the carpet or do I match the furniture?   

To match the carpet is a tricky one as I need to get to a fair to see paper and fabric in real life.   Too many times I've chosen something on-line, only to find that it's the wrong shade.

The more I look at the room and what I've got so far, the more confused I get.   I've tried walking away from it and concentrating on something else (hence the long gap between posts) but that hasn't worked and I'm no further forward.

Inspiration will present itself in time - it usually does and I'll have a bit of a eureka moment - but I felt I had to post something to explain the lack of progress!


  1. I know the feeling! What I have done in the past is to take a piece of fabric and this case you could take a chair, a piece of the carpet when you buy your paper and paint and go from there and see what you looks best. I do this in real life, but I take a cushion or a piece of fabric.

    I think all the pieces should just tone in and not necessarily be the same colour, they can be a lighter and darker shade too.

    Michelle xx

  2. Dear Irene, we've all been there, you have nothing to apologize :-)
    By the way, if it were so easy to start and finish a project, it would be too fleeting pleasure, is not it?
    For drops of inspiration, there's nothing better than taking the time, to turn to blogs and wait ...
    Then it all together and you take a creative frenzy that you would like to work at night!
    I send you a big hug: Even this little scene is very pretty :-)

  3. I always get this feeling and my husband takes me to the bookstore and I think it helps a little!

  4. Irene, don't worry about that. It happens to all of us, just be patient and inspiration will come. At the moment I am trying to plan how I am going to build my holiday house and I am stuck too. I have to find how it will be soon as in two weeks I will go to Paris and buy doors. Let's hope we will both know how to deal with our projects.

  5. Irene, I feel your pain!!! LOL....It can be daunting sometimes to know what will work! Inspiration will show up soon though! Thanks for posting and letting us know. I love the photo that you have shared!

  6. Take your time, sometimes inspiration has a long way to travel to reach us :)

  7. Been there Irene. That is why I am doing my 1/4 scale house as I really dont know what to do next with my 1" scale. I am going to go with the greenhouse but have to plan it out and that can be daunting, so I am procrastinating. It will all come into place and you will soon be so inspired you wont be able to sit still. I take it you dont have any miniature shops near you? Do you have fabric shops? Sometimes I cover my walls in fabric. I starch the fabric and then glue it in.

  8. Irene, don't worry. Take your time and inspiration come back! Kisses

  9. I'm at a 'stuck point' too, Irene, but I'm sure we will all get 'unstuck' soon. In the meantime, I am taking time out to walk, read and sew real life size projects, that normally does the trick!

    I love your Apples tea rooms... I know, I say it every time I leave a comment, but I think it's lovely :0)
    Julia xx

  10. Hi Irene...what can I say...just start and all the ideas will follow, that is the trick I use,lol!

    I wanted to thank you for all the nice comments you left on mine post. So THANX!


  11. Thank you everyone for all your encouraging comments. Inspiration still hasn't struck but it's not bothering me half as much now - lol. There are two fairs coming up for me next month so there will be no excuse for the lack progress. I did however feel inspired to move things around in the Gift Gallery - I think that in itself will spur me on. Thanks again everyone!

  12. Hi! La inspiracion llegará enseguida..Felicidades por tu trabajo!.I'm a new follower! Kisses.

  13. I don't know how you keep up with so many houses anyway. :)

  14. Hi Irene,

    I have just stumbled on your blog & was both surprised and delighted to see you are in Edinburgh too! You say you have two fairs this month so I'm guessing you must be off to Miniatura for one? Do you find the fairs etc up here disappointing? I do, I went to the Brentwood Fair in Glasgow last weekend as I do like to support them but it was so tiny and poorly attended, partly the current climate I guess which is sad but also lack of publicity and some disappointing stands.
    I'm not doing Miniatura this spring but have booked my flights to Paris for SIMP in June, I went last year when my son was training and living in Paris, his girlfriend is still there. It was wonderful, and I met Sabiha & Sylvia, she made some things for me. I've also been to Madrid & Barcelona as I tie in my little breaks with Fairs - think my family are just starting to click!! He is now in Bath and Karon Cunningham's shop is lovely.
    Anyway I find ItsyBitsy & Le Chinoiseries both good for paper and fabric, or I download scrapbook background papers & print paper, fabric & rugs in a theme.I don't have a blog (on the To-Do list) but on my Facebook are pics of my entry in the Minimum World Roombox competition, I got highly commended which was lovely and they liked the materials I had printed, it does give you something very unique.
    I love your Blog and am off to look at the others now.

    Best wishes, Jackie


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