Monday, 8 August 2011

An update

At last I have something to show you all in the Gift Gallery.   I wasn't happy with all the white furniture (I thought shabby was the way to go with this initially but it doesn't come naturally to me and at first I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get to grips with this room - now I know.   Stick to what you know best!).   The changes aren't probably that obvious at first glance but I've moved things around and stripped the corner cupboard of the white paint and waxed it.   I'm much happier with it now.   I've also changed the contents of the cupboard. Since this picture was taken I've also filled the little stand with cards. I'm still not sure about the pedestal with the white flowers though. They may move and I'd like to get something to put in the centre of this room. Everything's round the sides at the moment.

I've changed some pictures around in this room but unfortunately I can't do anything about the white shelving on the right hand wall. I shouldn't have glue-ed it on! I'm just going to live with it though as it's not that offensive.

The smaller of the two rooms has had the "stock" moved around and repositioned. For some reason I feel more comfortable with this room. Maybe I need more stock for the other one.

Other progress I've made with this property is to the living quarters "above the shop". These consist of a lounge and a bedroom. They're very bare at the moment as I'm looking for accessories and there's a fair not too far away at the end of August which should take care of that. I have to say, I can see myself sitting in this little room!

I still need to fix on the door frame and I've been looking for a television I like, but nothing's presented itself yet.

Finally, the bedroom. Again accessories are need in this room and I've a lamp I'd like to fit either here or in the room next door. I'm pleased with the way this is looking and I love the dressing gown on the hook!

As soon as I'm completely happy with this I'll post pictures showing more detail.

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