Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Gift Gallery

It's been some time since I actually posted any progress pictures here and I've been feeling a bit guilty about that. The truth is, I've had problems with the floor here - it keeps popping up - and rather than just do a quick fix on it I took the whole thing apart and relaid it. Hopefully that's the problem solved now.

I figured if I waited until the Gallery was complete with every item I wanted to include, it would be quite some time before I was able to show it so I've decided to show what progress I've made to it so far and will update as I add bits.

I'd also like to welcome all new followers to my blog. I'm very pleased to see you here.


  1. It's lovely to see the progress of a setting - the table is just delightful!!

  2. Oh what beautifull miniatures!The table is very chic!
    I like to much the roses in the bowl!Have you made them from kit?
    Very good job!

  3. how cool is that? you are very very talented!

  4. Your gallery looks great. Where did you find those lovely wallpapers? They look beautiful.

  5. Has hecho grandes progresos!!!
    Tu galeria, es una maravilla de bonita.
    Me encantan todos los detalles que has puesto.
    besitos ascension

  6. It looks lovely, I love the table with all the beautiful items.
    Isn'it hard to work on several projects at the same time ? I know it would be for me. But for us it's great to see progress in both houses.

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Sonya - the flowers are not a kit, I got them from an online shop in the US. I've still to try out making flowers from kits but I'll get round to it eventually.

    Iris - the wallpapers are Brodnax and purchased from Sid Cooke Dolls Houses.

    Genevieve - It's a bit of a juggling act to keep all three properties on the go! I'm afraid the The Tearooms had taken a bit of a back seat as I got too enthusiastic about other projects but I'm back on track now!

  8. Hi Irene,

    I love the gift shop. I could spend a small fortune in there. On small things


  9. ¡Que gusto encontrar tú blog!!Tienes cosas preciosas!! ( =

  10. Beautiful room! You have a good taste!

  11. I love seeing the progress on your Tea Room. It looks lovely. Again I took the time to read through your blog from beginning to end and I was so impressed and inspired. I'm anxiously awaiting your next posting. Thanks for sharing your work!


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