Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Just a pix fix!

Not much has been happening with the Tea Rooms at the moment, I'm waiting on inspiration to strike for the upper floors. A bit of shopping is called for, I think.

So, while waiting on that said inspiration, I thought I'd post more pics (because that's what we all like) of areas showing a bit more of the detail.

I can't remember if I've shown a picture of the whole interior of The Tearooms so here it is as it stands today. Lots more still to do with this.

You'll notice that I haven't included the roof space in this picture - that's because it's full of tools and sundries! The roof space is the next stage and I'm still thinking about that one.

Still lots to do in the Gift Gallery as well and I'll add pictures of that as it fills up.


  1. It's delighful, what a lovely place for tea :)

  2. Es una verdadera preciosidad como te esta quedando.
    Un lugar precioso para tomar el te.
    Seguro que la azotea te queda igual de preciosa.
    besitos ascension

  3. I'd like to visit. Wonderful job.

  4. I've had a happy wander through the tearooms, and I do wonder what's up the top stairs . . .

    Makes me want to go and make some scones with jam and cream!

  5. Irene, it looks wonderful!

  6. It is lovely Irene, I recently gutted the house on the end of my wartime terrace ,would like to make it a little bakery with tearoom upstairs so this has inspired me !
    julie xxx

  7. I love that all the furniture on the terrace is black and I like the balustrade so much!

  8. I love the table on the terrace, a nice place to have tea and cakes.
    By the way when I was in England with the children we went to Boscastle where we had a cream tea (I think of it when I see your Apple Tea Rooms). Imagine 49 children behaving very well and enjoying the cream tea, the best excursion for them...

  9. Te esta quedando precioso!!! me encanta!! Estoy deseando ver el salon de te acabado.

  10. Muy acogedor esas sillas con la mesa en la entrada.

  11. precioso el trabajo que has realizado, felicidades tienes unas buenas manos y un gusto increible un beso pepi


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