Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ah, poor little Tea Rooms!

Despite having a whole day to spend at Miniatura and a fairly substantial budget, this is the sum total of items purchased for The Tearooms.

It wasn't that I didn't see anything, but given that I'm still filling the Gift Gallery it could have taken up all my budget just finishing off that one room and as I don't particularly need all the items to be high end, I'm happy just to pick up what I like when I spot it. It's also difficult with the Gift Gallery to know exactly what I'm looking for in advance due to nature of it.

Having said that, I just couldn't let the little honey pot and drizzler stay there - I had to have them and the little cake slice was the very first thing I purchased on the day. The handle is actually white - to simulate bone or ivory - it just doesn't show up well in that picture.


  1. Who could let such a sweet little honey pot go by? It'll be a favourite in the gift shop ;)

  2. They are both lovely, I can see why you couldn't resist them. They will be perfect for the Tearooms :0)
    Julia x

  3. The honey pot is so sweet (no pun meant) and the drizzler as weel. I have one of them now I need the pot...

  4. Ha ha ha:-D
    Anyway, better few but good!
    I love the honey in all its versions. I think this is very successful ...
    This afternoon I get a snack in your tea room :-)

  5. so lovely Irene,I could not have resisted the honey pot either, its so perfect !

  6. Very Cute!I love it!

  7. I understand very well why you had to buy these miniatures, they are so good. I love the honey pot.

  8. The funny thing is, I don't like honey at all but I do love all the decorative honey pots available and I know there are collectors of them. This way I get a lovely little pot without having to eat the stuff!

    Flora - you're very welcome anytime to have a snack in my Tearooms!

  9. Lovely classic pieces! Reminds me they are also missing in my mini collection... I found your blog over Susanne's miniatures dreams blog (I was also thinking she means a new project and not a real shop!) and I spend some time on your sites and like your eye for detail. Apples tearoom and the house is wonderful! I'm new in blogland and would be glad if you would like to come on over to my brand new blog :-)


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