Monday, 28 November 2011

York Fair

Yet again, a sorry little post! It seems I'm destined not to get all the little bits I need to finish this property - at least not all in one go! This time, my sole item for The Tearooms was a till. It's a bit too bright and shiny for my liking so I'll have to dull it down and I was so sure I'd be able to find just the right television for this room that I ended up very disappointed not to get one. Either I rethink this idea or continue the search.

I did however manage to buy loads for my other property (no blog yet until this one is finished) but you'll have to wait for that!

A very warm welcome to my new followers, it's very nice to have you here and I hope you like what you see.


  1. I love your cash register as we call it in the states... Dulling it down will make it look antique and all the more inviting. Hurry and finish this property I am anxious to see your new endevor, lol... Hugs, LJ

  2. not an item you see everywhere.


    from Tyla @


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