Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Apples Tearooms (continued)

Continuing on for yesterday's posting, here are the final two floors of my Tearooms. The Gift Gallery was the next area to get my attention and consists of two rooms both decorated in a similar fashion.

Mostly the items here were purchased from fairs with the exception of the bracelet stand - that came from Susanne's lovely miniature shop, Petit Bracante.

Yes, I printed off and cut out all the little cards in the display stand!

I struggled for quite a while with these two rooms, moving things, changing things, as for some reason they just didn't sit right with me.   It wasn't until I added the counter and changed the colour of the cabinets that I felt I was finally getting somewhere with it.  I'm sure there will still be items added to The Gallery even although the main work is finished.   It all depends on what little gem presents itself!

The hat boxes below were my first introduction to kits and since then I have made quite a few.

The cushions in the blanket box were printed off and made by me and there are quite a few items in these rooms that have been purchased from Art of Mini and various fairs.

Finally, we have the living accomodation in the roof space.   These were odd spaces to decorate due to the sloping sides which can be quite restrictive.   I've been hunting for ages for a suitable television to place at the front by the staircase but I've not seen anything yet.   There's still a chance I will change my mind about that  depending on anything else I see to occupy that space.   In the meantime, the flowers look quite happy there.

The little pictures here were printed off and placed in empty frames and the clock on the left is a working watch face.

I'm pretty pleased with the way the bedroom turned out given that it's quite a small space.   The hat is a creation from The Mini Miliner. and the little lamp on the left was purchased from a German seller a couple of years ago at NEC.

The little slippers were made from the directions given via Sabiha's blog - thank you Sabiha for sharing that link.


  1. Beautiful rooms, full of mini treasures. I love the way you decorated them. So many thoughtful details. Perfect!

  2. I really enjoyed the tour. I love the bedroom. The shop is very nice with lots of goodies. It's nice to have something finished, but great that you can still add things in it.

  3. Fantastic work!!! Love the rooms with all the beautiful details.

  4. Every last detail of the beautiful!

  5. Irene I love the living space, you have decorated the rooms so nicely. I must email you ... I see Falkirk Fair is now cancelled! Jackie x

  6. Thank you for your kind words, everyone. The last pics will be posted later today.

    Jackie - I saw that. How annoying!

  7. The paper in the Gallery is especially beautiful! I have one of those little froggie statues in my beach house. :] The accomodation rooms are so serene - love the subtle decoration. I like the bedroom dresser lamp especially. Very nice work!

  8. instead of a TV why not make a nice little Radio for the wee people.

    I really love everything it's wonderful.



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